Tomorrow’s Fish

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Captain Abbie Schuster is the owner and operator of Kismet Outfitters. She leads fly fishing trips in the waters of Martha’s Vineyard and other locations throughout New England. Born and raised in New England, Abbie developed a lifelong passion and knowledge for fly fishing and conservation, which she strives to share with every client. She is very involved at the local and federal fisheries levels, fighting for conservation and change from The Derby on the Vineyard to Congressional offices in DC.


For almost two decades, Captain John McMurray has worked as a professional fly fishing and light tackle guide for stripers, bluefish, blue and yellowfin tuna, and more in the waters off the southern coast of Long Island and Jamaica Bay. John is highly respected and widely known for his strong leadership in protecting fisheries resources from an ecosystem-wide perspective, and is heavily involved in state, regional, and federal fisheries management. In addition to being an AFFTA member, John is the President of the American Saltwater Guides Association, an organization he started in 2018 to promote sustainable business through marine conservation.

Being part of something so much larger than yourself, you’re using the entire ecosystem. You’re always looking for the fish, or the bait, or the bird. It’s not just one dimension. Everything needs to be together for you to connect.
 – Captain Abbie Scuster, Kismet Outfitters

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) is dedicated to guiding the sustainable growth of the fly fishing industry through both trade development and stewardship. It is a 501(c)(6) membership organization that promotes the business interests of its more than 1,000 members.

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